June 20

Ruff Justice!

This thing is a right royal pain in the neck!  Partly, it has to be admitted, this was the fault of the type of ribbon I chose to use - a polyester organza!  GRRR!  But it looks good!  The pattern suggests picot edged ribbon, but I could not find any anywhere at all, so this was a good substitute, except that it then didn't have the regular markings of the picot edge...

petershamarked.JPG (134549 bytes) First the petersham was cut to length, the ends tidied, and the worked loops sewn in ready for the hooks.  The instructions tell you to use a large hook and eye...  I can think of few more uncomfortable things at any point on the neck, so I chose to use two little ones with worked loops.

Next I needed to mark the 1" intervals for spacing the pleats.  Had I used a fading marker, as suggested in the instructions, it would have faded before I got this lot completed, so I used a sharp chalk pencil.

ribbonendstitching.JPG (111112 bytes) Then the first end of the ribbon was neatened.  The instructions tell you to do this with Fraycheck type stuff.  IKK!  I turned it over and hemmed it down.
ribbonmarking1.JPG (130459 bytes)  ribbonmarking2.JPG (269193 bytes) Marking this very sheer ribbon was... 'interesting'.  The chalk pencil lines didn't show and brushed off way too quickly to be useful, and I ended up just using pins.

I stitched the pleats into place ready for drawing up.

gathering.JPG (128193 bytes) I did the gathering/pleating a bit at a time, as this ribbon is very springy and tended to curl up and escape!  Once drawn up I could see that it was probably going to work very effectively.

I had new photographic assistance for this, as I did it while babysitting a couple of kids who recently lost their mum to cancer.  Sam sews with her grandmother, so she was interested in what I was doing, and helped man (or should that be 'girl'?) the camera.

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