The Learning Zone!

Back to school with a vengeance... 

I was a teacher for a long time - of English Literature rather than sewing - and I have never fully recovered...  I still call myself a Teacher in Remission!  Now and again I have a relapse and go back in the classroom.  This page contains some of my more teachery stuff.

Getting started:

Let's start at the very beginning...

Sewing techniques

Simple techniques for new stitchers

Special features:

Articles on specific problems and projects

Taking Measurements

How to take accurate measurements for sewing clothes

Here's where you find out about different basic seam types.


How to stop facings rolling to the outside!

How to rescue a bias cut disaster!
Or how I did my best with some bridesmaid dresses that came in for an emergency fix!

Body Measurements and Ease Allowances

Different terms explained in a simple table

Seam Finishes!
Once you have sewn a seam, you need to be able to finish it off so it doesn't all unravel again!

Concealed zips

Please CONTACT me for the information on concealed zips! 

Cleaning the Serger
Suck, don't blow...

Pattern Symbols

Some help for reading a pattern

Hemming at the end!
Some common hem finishes explained

Lining a child's dress

Some basic lining techniques for beginners

Teaching James to sew!
How I started teaching James and how he learned to make quilts!

Sewing terms:
A glossary of sewing language

Blind Hemming on the Machine Explained

A neat trick that saves hours!

Sewing Equipment List
The essential list of essential and non-essential sewing equipment!

Sheer fabric seams

Some seam types for use with fabrics like chiffon and organza.

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