The princess has been captured by the evil beer swilling scallywags of Dragon Castle.  Our heroes must rescue her!

The drunken louts swill beer at every opportunity.  Even the horses are drunkards!


Our brave lads gather outside to organize their attack.

Organization must be tight - these so-&-so's could be tricky...

I don't much like the look of that tower!

Our bold leader has no qualms:  "We'll do it, lads!"  Brave, but foolhardy...

ARRGH!  An evil dragon!  Help!  I fear all is lost!

The attack begins!  Forward!

The battering ram has done its job!  We're in!  Well done, boys!

Oh, no!  The dragon has seen our leader!

Henry...  What's in here?  I don't like the look of this at all...

Inside, our boys have broken through, and the drunkards must abandon their beer and fight!

Another dragon?  Surely not?  But it is...

Even the ghost is the ghost of a drunken bum!

The Prince enters through the castle gate.

The assault is going well, but there are casualties on both sides now...

The brave knights are battling hard with the dragon, but isn't going all their way...

 The Princess waves to her rescuers from her tower prison!  Oh, if only they get to her in time!

Alas!  Poor Giles is in a bad way, but it looks like our magnificent leader is getting the upper hand - or spear!  This dragon has bitten off more than he can chew!

The assault on the front is also progressing in an orderly manner.  Well, orderly on the OUTSIDE, anyway!

The evil prince is out of his tower retreat, but his men are not happy about this.

He's a bad dude, for sure...  And henchmen hiding behind tables won't help!

Sir Humphrey has not joined the battle at all!  He's been sunk in drunken slumbers from the start.  Some brave knight, this!


Even flames don't seem to get the ghost to sober up...

This is a right royal battle for Dragon Castle!

On the battlements things are hotting up.


A strange knight, this...  I wonder where he's from?

Night's drawing on, and they wait in trepidation for the final charge.


And still the battle rages on the walls!  Who will win?  Our brave warrior, or the drunken Forkbeard?

Oh, goodness!  The dragon has vanquished the hero!  What a disaster!

The battle of the ladders still goes on...  Mind your head, Mate!

  That's got to hurt!

The younger dragon looks like he's also winning!  Our poor herald has had it!

The prince is still assessing the melee in the courtyard.

Meanwhile, the battle for the Red Tower is going well...

Down in the courtyard, a thief waits in the shadows...

The prince has to assess the overview.  With our hero leader gone, he must take over.

On top of the Dragon Tower, a drunken villain shouts insults at the invading heroes.

Gosh!  A secret entrance to the dragon's lair!  Can we make use of this?

Defenestrating princesses are a little unusual!

Oh, joy!  One of our fabulous lads strikes the dragon down!

The unkindest cut of all...

The tower guards are making plans...

Another brave knight scales the Dragon Tower!

CHAAAAAARGE!!!  And off we go again!

The battle rages up and down.


Watch out!  There's a thief about!

The prince enters the castle at last!

Another one bites the dust!

Raging fire breathing monsters are just one of the dangers to be faced!

Aha!  There was a way in through the cave!

Beer can give you a sore head in more ways than one!  Look out behind!

OUCH!  That's done for him!

A well placed archer may have a chance

He has a clear shot!

That seems to have done the trick!

The bigger they are, the harder they fall!

Fighting in the courtyard is fierce!

The dastardly prince cuts down one of our brave knights!

But the brave hero prince has a go at him!

  Unfortunately, in all the confusion in the courtyard, the evil princess kidnapper escapes...

Our prince's men are fighting on the walls,

And in the towers, and cannot give chase...

So he and some of his henchmen slink away...

As they ride away, they are laughing...  There's still a nasty surprise in store for the invaders!  Without their leader, the few remaining villains soon surrender...

Except this wily drunkard, who seems to have made his escape!

But he doesn't get far!  The excess of beer soon has him snoring in a forgotten little corner!

The few remaining bad guys are soon captured.

Slain foes are heaped for disposal.

Fallen friends are laid carefully by for their relatives to collect.

The prince and his princess are reunited.

The prince's army pays respects to the fallen

Then it is time to celebrate their victory.

Even the princess appreciates a nice beer after all the excitement.

Cheers mates!  Thanks for all your help!

Guards are detailed to complete the unpleasant task of disposing of the fallen enemies...

More guards are detailed to keep en eye on the heaps of weapons in the castle, and to guard the walls, looking out for trouble.  All seems quiet.

But what's this, stirring in the gloom of the cave?   Not more trouble, I hope...



James and I hope you have enjoyed the exciting tale of derring do and rescue from Dragon Castle!

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