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Cornflake and Sugar Puff are brother and sister.  They came from Sandwich in Kent, and narrowly escaped being called Corned Beef and Pastrami!  Sanity prevailed when we realized how daft we would sound calling for them.

Cornflake (left) and Sugar Puff, center stage, having ejected us from our bed
Cat as pillow/blanket
Cornflake in furry bliss
All right, when are you going to light this barbecue?  I want my steak!
What do you mean, cat-on-keyboard-error? I just want to be a web author.
OK, just tickle my tummy then - - -
Cornflake sewing.jpg (32642 bytes) Please, Mum, can I learn to sew too?
James and Cornflake.jpg (25789 bytes) Cornflake: - - - you shouldn't be on the table
Sugar Puff in the sewing room.jpg (14840 bytes) Sugar Puff awaits the first lesson...
Sugar Puff on a red background.jpg (16464 bytes) Go away, I'm asleep!
Sugar Puff Posing.jpg (66781 bytes) I'm so pretty...
SugarPuff on a cushion.jpg (36386 bytes) Green-eyed monster!
Cornflake on sofa with a blue leg.JPG (184416 bytes) Kitty Blue-Leg asleep on the sofa!  This is the result of demolishing a BBQ table and breaking two metatarsals in his sleep!  He fell asleep on the BBQ table, and when he rolled over, the breeze-bloc tipped up, upending him onto the patio, and falling on the foot!  OUCH!  Poor Cornflake!
Cornflake.jpg (79492 bytes) Cats with blue legs need extra cuddles!  I have this one on my desktop.
Sugar Puff on the spare bed.JPG (93131 bytes) Sugar Puff 'helping' me to make Gez's Town Crier coat: I do the work, she puts out industrial strength zed-waves!


Two cats - one blue leg.jpg (129926 bytes) Having a Blue Leg doesn't stop Cornflake cuddling up with his sister when he can!
apatchofsun.jpg (75260 bytes) Helping with the sewing by keeping Kate company is all very well...
cuddlyfootcontroller1.jpg (28851 bytes) But hugging the foot controller so she can't sew isn't!
cuddlyfootcontroller2.jpg (45566 bytes) Miss Sugar Puff liked the warm sunny corner under the Lily bench!
cattyping54.JPG (97614 bytes) Looks like Cornflake wants to learn to type again!
cattyping55.JPG (30843 bytes) Look, Mum!  I'm ever so cleaver!
alan&sugarpuff59.JPG (118159 bytes) Alan with Sugar Puff.  She is just a little kitty, compared with her hulking great brother.
cattyping56.JPG (27868 bytes) Sugar Puff obviously does a superior sort of typing!  This is a very typical expression for her.
cornflake63.JPG (89880 bytes) Aw!  Isn't he beautiful!
lazypuss65.JPG (50305 bytes) Lazypuss!  This is a typical position for Cornflake... Snoozing on my legs!
sugarpuff61.JPG (83194 bytes) Posy little miss!
desktidy.jpg (83886 bytes) I think my desk needs tidying...
Catnest.JPG (81895 bytes) With one kitty in the nest, it looks full...

With two of us in here, it gets really cosy!

Snoozepuss5.JPG (60633 bytes) Cornflake 'helping' with the sewing by sitting on the cut out customer garment!
Inspecting.JPG (43267 bytes) Sugar Puff inspecting the stitching closely...
Inspector_Cornflake.JPG (144676 bytes) Cornflake making sure this quilt works.
QI-inspecting.JPG (130946 bytes) No 1 Quilt Inspector hard at work!

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