Pumpkin Soup!


We had a pumpkin or two, and I thought soup sounded like a good idea!


You will need:

about 3 lbs of pumpkin, chopped

3 large onions

a couple of teaspoons of olive oil

half a tablespoon mild curry powder

3 pints of vegetable stock

a handful of fresh chopped coriander

salt and pepper to taste


choppedpumpkin.JPG (370731 bytes) I chopped up the skinned pumpkin...
...while Alan sliced 3 large onions for me.  They were fried in a little olive oil. onions.jpg (74202 bytes)
friedonions.JPG (80469 bytes) I fried the onions until they were a golden colour...
...and added half a tablespoon of mild curry powder.  After stirring this in and frying it very gently for a couple of minutes, I added the chopped pumpkin and gave the while lot a good stir! curry.jpg (94228 bytes)
vegstock.jpg (90635 bytes) Then I added enough vegetable stock to just about cover the pumpkin.
It takes about 15 minutes to cook.  You don't want it too soggy! cooked.jpg (75837 bytes)
whizz.jpg (82403 bytes) Whizzing the soup!  Be careful not to splash!
Once whizzed, I added some chopped coriander leaves.. whizzedsoup.JPG (70052 bytes)
served.jpg (90149 bytes) It was served with hot fresh ciabbatta bread.
We rinsed and saved the seeds for later.  This is two pumpkin's worth of seeds. savesseeds.JPG (179460 bytes)

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