Kate’s Fabric List!

I put this list together a while back as a result of numerous people wondering where I did all my postal and internet fabric shopping. I love shopping like this: it adds an air of mystery and excitement to an otherwise arduous and frustrating experience! You may occasionally miss out on the latest gadgetry, but then you can always take a trip to the nearest John Lewis’s for that! I combine postal/internet fabric shopping with the occasional trip to a ‘proper’ shop and get the best of both worlds!

Recent months have inspired me to update and revamp this list again.  I have a whole host of new shopping experiences and other links to share!  As before, this is an exclusive list: it excludes all places that I've had poor experiences with, anyone who ASKS to be put on it without a reciprocal link for me on THEIR site, and anyone offering to pay to go on the list!  Yup, mean as ever... 

I've reorganised it into a set of tables that will, I hope, help you to navigate round the growing list with greater ease...  Click on a Bold Text heading to find the page with all the related areas.  They are colour coded.