The Great Outdoors

This section deals with making anything for playing in the Great Outdoors.  There are links to projects and free patterns as well as suppliers and discussion, advice, and kit of all sorts!  The patterns section on this page is slightly different, in that it will take you directly to the pattern pages of sites that also carry other stuff whenever possible.


Fabric & Findings Patterns Kit and Clothes Projects Forums and Newsgroups

Great for all sorts of fabric and findings for making your own high tec clothing and gear.

Good customer service.

Unfortunately you have to click on the different sections to get to the patterns!

Blacks - The Outdoor Experts




Making your gear at home: free patterns and advice.

Shelby :: Index

Good info.  Quite a bit of Finnish and Scandanavian discussion, but most is in English.  Can be a bit slow, as it's a smallish forum with light traffic.


Pennine Outdoor.

Another great place for an alternative selection of fabric and findings.

Good customer service.

Pennine Outdoor Clothing Patterns - For groups and hobby sewing projects Cotswold Outdoor BACKPACKING Message Board Discussion FORUM

Great gear discussions aimed at light weight stuff.

Shelby - Extreme Materials & Gear

Based in Finland.  Fast and efficient service, good advice.  Fabulous selection of stuff for clothing and gear projects.

Shelby - Extreme Materials & Gear

They do their own patterns, and the one I have looks great.  Not quite like a traditional commercial pattern, mind!

Field & Trek - Camping equipment, Outdoor equipment, Waterproof clothing and more.

Old favourites.


UK based walkers group.


Malden Mills Retail Store

The home of Polar Tec!  Not sure how long it will continue...

MacPhee Workshop

Lots of different pattern sections, but plenty for fleece and such fabrics.


All the usual stuff!  Great if you want budget camping stuff for all the family.

Planet Fleece

Jo supplies good quality fashion fleece rather than high street cheapo stuff.  Fun and less expensive than the teccy fleece, and great if you want to experiment on less expensive things, want something fun for the kids, or fancy something a bit different for trims and contrasts.

Great customer service.

Planet Fleece - Patterns - Kwik Sew patterns offer a wide range of straightforward sewi

Mostly Kwick Sew: OK if you don't need a performance pattern.


Long term fan of their clothing.

Rockywoods Fabrics Home Page and BLOG

Loads of stuff: patterns for all sorts of clothing and kit in the patterns section.  Good customer service.


Ultralight Outdoor Gear
Croft Mill

Ring them and ask for the list...  Peruse it with care!  It'll make you giggle, but there are gems to be found for outdoor clothing and kit, as they buy up factory excess stock and sell it to us cheap!  Prices are great, but stock is limited in colour and type.  If you see what you want, order it straight away, as it may not be there tomorrow!

Great customer service, though not really knowledgeable about teccy fabrics.


KWIKSEW Listing of Patterns

Patterns for all sorts of stuff.  None particularly sophisticated, but great if you are a beginner or want something simple for growing kids!

Outdoor Fabric and Marine Fabric, Books and Patterns

Good source for some of the less common, more specialist sports and gear patterns

Outdoor Wilderness PATTERNS

Useful mine of gear and kit patterns as well as clothing: some come as small scale patterns that need to be scaled up.

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