The Re-Enactment Page

Lots of exciting things for re-enactors, garb makers, and anyone interested in historic clothing.  This page closely reflects my own personal interests, so don't expect it to be fully comprehensive!  While far from exclusively UK based, there is a bias in this direction.


Inspiring Garb and costume makers How To Do It! Fabric and patterns Gear!

To buy and to make... And some experimental archeology!

The Tudor Costume Page

A Kentwell Costumer: largely middle class based costumes, and very useful links and supplies.

Dark Age Stitch Types

Hand sewing for Saxons!

Herts Fabrics

Ali's famous tented emporioum is now on line!

Bjarni's Boots

Phone: 0113 245 8824

Armouries Drive, Royal Museum, Leeds, LS10 1LE

(Bjarni's seems no longer to have web presence...) 
Ninya Mikhaila Historical Costumier and Kiss the Frog

Simply the best for all sorts of historically accurate inspiration. 

DawnPages -- Historic Costumes

Seriously useful.  Good pattern reviews.

Abimelech Hainsworth

When only the best is good enough.  Superb quality, fantastic service.

The Tudor Tailor

The book, plus gift stuff and the patterns.



The costume collection is fabulous on line and even better when you get there and see things for real!

Elizabethan Costuming Page

Drea Lead's huge compendium.  A fantastic resource: be prepared to spend HOURS!

Denholme Velvets - The Mill Shop

Nice remnants if you can get there.

Regency Era Bonnet : Simplicity, Patterns for Sewing Projects

Very useful straw hat conversion

Denholme Velvets Limited

Velvet of many sorts that's good enough to eat!

Tudor Gable: Illustrated Step by Step Instructions


Henry Bertrand

Fabulous silk fabric

Fashion Era

What goes when in fashion history


Sewing Chest

Corset supplies.  Excellent service.


Natural and dyeable fabrics.

Wyedean Weaving

 Manufacturers of Military Regalia and Accoutrement. We manufacture braids, military insignia, uniform accoutrement and all uniform accessories.

Very helpful

Patterns of Time

All styles, all eras!


The Recollections of J.P. Ryan Home Page

The 18th century man and woman.  Good service and advice, easy to follow patterns.

Reconstructing History

Very exact, easy to use.

Margo Anderson's Historic Costume Patterns

Fantastic patterns for Elizabethan men and women's garments, from the skin out.

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