The shopping page!


This is just general shopping that will allow you to free up more time for sewing.  After all, who wants to trek round anything other than fabric shops when we could be sewing, petting fabric, playing with buttons, training our machines, or just playing with sewing kit!



Well, we gotta eat to sew!

Household and Kitchen

Keep clean and organized!

Clothing we DON'OT want to make! Useful other stuff!
Doves Farm

Lots of special diet advice as well as where to buy the stuff!  flours, cereals, etc.


'The home of creative kitchenware', Lakeland's innovative kitchen cookware appliances and utensils are perfect for any contemporary home

Yup - the best!  I get my garment covers here.

Marks & Spencer

For knickers, T shirts, and other useful but boring to make stuff!


Books galore!  Oh, and other stuff...  But books mostly!

Marks & Spencer

They do food as well as knickers!


The carpet dragon people!


Easy to wear, easy to care for.  No fuss, dress up or down!  Not cheap, but very good value.  Equally happy climbing a ladder and going out to dinner.

Games Workshop Online Store

Wanna buy an orc?

The Wheat & Dairy Free Supermarket

Useful when the ordinary shops let you down.

Kent Hairbrushes

My favourite hairbrush people.

The Nelson Brewery

Beer is good.


Online Groceries.  Let's NOT do food shopping!

The Stateside Candy Co

Old Bay Seasoning and other American stuff!  Nice customer service.

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