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February 2008: time for an update!  There are more new-to-me machines... A few more have moved on to new homes, and some others have returned to the coop!  There are links to some additional pages with new machine projects as well.  Look out for the Lotus surgery and the new additions!

1923 Singer 66K

jennyfront.jpg (65698 bytes)

jennyback.JPG (106853 bytes)

This is my lovely 1923 Singer 66K, known as Spinning Jenny.  I bought her in 1976, when I was a student.  She earned me many a dinner and a beer for making and mending stuff for my friends...  Notably, this was the machine that made the kit for the 1978 circumnavigation of Ireland by cnoe!

1909 Jones Family CS

Jonesfront.JPG (132447 bytes)

Jonesback.JPG (169201 bytes)

'Mrs Jones', my 1909 Jones Family CS, given to me as a birthday present from a friend.  This one is about the smoothest running machine I have!



Singer 15-88

15-88head.jpg (54825 bytes)

15-88nesting.jpg (121489 bytes)

The 15-88: another splendid gift from a friend!  This is a 1936-ish model, and works very well indeed.




FWFront.JPG (83919 bytes)

FWback.JPG (121508 bytes)

My lovely 1953 Featherweight - another gift from a friend!  This one does sterling service in school when the sewing room is on the move.  The kids love the little machines as much as the bigger ones with all the fancy stitches.


  Singer 28K

28inbox.JPG (79790 bytes)

withtable.JPG (122018 bytes) back.JPG (88956 bytes)

A Singer 28K, donated to the cause by a friend at my Weight Watcher's meeting!  After a bit of dusting and some oil, and a ten minute fiddle with the upper and shuttle tensions, it works a treat!  Rather rattley compared with the Jones, but has a decent stitch.  Luckily it takes standard needles and all my low shank feet and attachments fit it.  This is a late model, built in 1936.

Adria Saxonia

frontsax.JPG (113091 bytes)  rearsax.JPG (100664 bytes)

togetheragain.JPG (110376 bytes)

The Adria Saxonia machine.  This one has a date of 1907 inside the lid, but I have a feeling it's older than that.  This is something of a restoration project, more of which can be seen here.



Singer 99K

Singer99K.JPG (89028 bytes)

keydecal.JPG (37381 bytes)  basedecalandnumber.JPG (59821 bytes)

My mother's 'Frankensinger' - the Singer 99K cobbled together after an accident with a ship!  This is the first machine I ever sewed a garment on.  It was a Malta Weave cotton skirt with a zip.  I was about seven.

You can see the different decal patterns on machine bed and hand wheel.


Singer 367

367.JPG (48017 bytes)

A Singer 367!  This is very like the Singer I got as a 21st birthday present, and which I could never get to work properly!  This seems to be a better behaved machine than that, but needed quite a bit of work and patience to get it going as it was completely seized!  More on that story here.





New Home

Wednesday26.JPG (87588 bytes) HandsOn.JPG (66976 bytes)

This is a lovely smooth machine to use.  Elaine used it for many years for her ballroom dancing work, but recently upgraded, and wanted this to go somewhere it would be used.  It went into school, and the kids loved it!  They also thought the monogram attachment was seriously cool!  I need to take a few more pictures of this one and its work.

Viscount 2000

viscount.jpg (100148 bytes)  Threadingdiagram.jpg (111290 bytes)

The Viscount 2000.  I bought this as a pre-loved machine when the Cub 8 died.  It served me well, then went to live with Mum for a while.  I brought it back when I gave her the little Singer 117 Featherweight II.

Husqvarna Lily 550

readytosew.JPG (55442 bytes)

My Husqvarna Lily 550, the trusty workbench workhorse.  This machine is so easy to use and does so many things I will never outgrow it!  






Husqvarna Optima 190

For many years this one belonged to my sister.  She passed it on to me when she took over mum's little Singer 117 Featherweight II, which is more suited to a studio flat in London!

This is a grand machine, and will be a splendid addition to the sewing room herd for school use.


Bernina 1005




This lovely workhorse machine came to me from a newsgroup friend.  It's in great condition and the kids love it.  A regular on the school run!  It came with lots of feet, but I added to the collection...


Elna Lotus ZZ

LotusZZopen.JPG (86464 bytes)

The Elna Lotus ZZ I bought for me!  This has proved a great favourite with the kids when I take it into school...












Elna Lotus TSP

tspoutuside.JPG (71370 bytes)  openedtsp.JPG (87086 bytes)

controlandstorage.JPG (99211 bytes)  end.JPG (86617 bytes)

feet.JPG (75827 bytes)  spoolpin.JPG (20372 bytes)

This one is in better cosmetic condition than the ZZ than the ZZ, and just as nice to use.

Elna Lotus Stella Air Electronic

LotusTSPstowage.JPG (109393 bytes)

LotusTSPattachments.JPG (129348 bytes)

The Elna Lotus TSP I originally gave to the lady who gave me the treadle 66K with the lotus decals, and her Featherweight.  This is such a cute machine, I had to get a similar one for myself...  It started a trend!

This is the Stella Air Electronic, and when Julie bought a new machine, this one came back to me.  It developed an interesting problem when I had it in school for Christmas 1008, more of which can be seen here.

Frister & Rossman Cub 4


This is a delightful little machine.  It came via Julie, from Freecycle, having been declared 'not working'.  It only needed a bit of lubrication, and the replacement of a small bit of plastic to have it up and running perfectly!  I love the clam-shell case, and the ease of use.  Another nice small one for the kids!




Brother 1034D

My Brother 1034D serger.  This is a grand little machine, with plenty of features, including the free arm I loved on the Huskylock.  I bought this as a back-up machine to take the Toyotas place.  It has both the free arm and differential feed, and is a very sturdy machine, and very good for the price.





Bernina 1150MDA

The Bernina 1150MDA.  This is the main replacement for the Huskylock.  It's incredibly smooth and very quiet.  It has lots of lovely features, but lacks the free arm.  While I don't use that very often, when I want it, it's invaluable, which is why I also bought the brother.  I decided against the cover stitch version, as I use it so little and get a decent version with the twin needle on the Lily and other machines.  

Frister & Rossmann Cub 8

 The machine.jpg (62828 bytes)

This is the machine on which I made my wedding dress, and which has a broken stitch selector.  A non-working machine.

Broken stitch selector

The most annoying thing is that Alan did a good engineers fix to get round the broken stitch selector, and then the main bearing seized...  As this sintered bearing is buried deep in the bowels of the machine, this will have to wait for 'tuits' of the correct size and shape to accrue...


Huskylock 910

hvserger.jpg (73248 bytes)  910freearm.JPG (61292 bytes)

My Huskylock 910, now mothballed and in need of repair, after seven and a half years hard labour.  Shame, as this is an excellent machine.  I have just used it far more and on tougher projects than it was really designed for. 







Interesting machines belonging to friends



treadle66Kmachinehead.JPG (109263 bytes)


This lovely Singer treadle 66K with the lotus decals was given to me for re-homing.  The new owner is delighted with it.  This one has now moved to Australia!

Singer 98K front 2.jpg (55141 bytes)

Auntie Mo Next Door's cute little Singer 98K.  At present this is frozen up, but I have plans to see if I can get it working again.


Harris9Hfront.JPG (144384 bytes)

Harris1Hfront.JPG (183214 bytes)

My friend Diane's two old Harris machines, inherited from her mother and grandmother.




Tina2.JPG (66074 bytes)

The little Toyota SL3404E serger that I got as a backup machine.  It's slower than the Huskylock, but very solid and sews very well.   This one has now gone to live with my friend Jul;ie.


model12front.JPG (128998 bytes)

model12back.JPG (92193 bytes)

My friend Mary's delicious Model 12!  I didn't get to keep this one...


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