The Bag Lady!


Here are some of my bag and Christmas Stocking projects:



dscf0046.jpg (65138 bytes)

Carrier style bags made as samples for a course.



babybag1.JPG (142613 bytes)  babybag2.JPG (98189 bytes)

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The famous Baby Changing bag!

Lots of roomy pockets and a padded, waterproof changing mat.  I sell these ones.  Contact me for details.



baloonsock.JPG (98636 bytes)  poshsock2.jpg (30772 bytes)  elfboot.jpg (64966 bytes)

Some of the first set of Christmas stockings I made.  Some were made as samples for a course, but I ended up making lots and selling them at a craft fair!  I made quite a few on the treadle.


DSCF0039.JPG (143922 bytes)

The peg bag I made as an exercise to get back in a sewing mood!  I shall add a few to the craft fair stock...



DSCF0041.JPG (155355 bytes)


The Easter bag!  This one LOOKS great, but don't expect to keep anything in it!  It flops over and spills everything...  Not a great success, really...

bronzebag.JPG (85992 bytes)

A little bronze silk dupion bag made to go with a bridesmaid gown.


dollybag.jpg (74562 bytes)  bagtop.jpg (106954 bytes)

Another bridesmaid's bag, this time in primrose satin and organza, with a beaded edge.

DSCF0201.JPG (45040 bytes)

The bag I made to go with my favourite skirt.  This one is great: there are two small pockets inside for phone and keys, and the main bucket swallows a heap of shopping!

daffodil.JPG (41088 bytes)  DSCF0168.JPG (316263 bytes)

A couple from the Easter Bag Extravaganza: samples made for a class.

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