Boy's stuff!

This is a page of stuff I've made for my men folk, son James and husband Alan.


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First is James's Emergency Shirt! This came about because I suddenly realized that James had nothing suitable for wearing to a gourmet pub for my mum's birthday dinner!  Posh food, smart casual dress, 12 year old growing lad...  Not a good combination!  So I rootled in the stash for some black cotton and dug out a pattern and got making.  I'm quite pleased with it.  It was quite hard to photograph because:

A it's black!

B He wears it a lot and I don't often see it clean and ironed!


Just over a week before setting off for a scout camp James announced he had grown out of everything but his school trousers and the jeans bought to go with the shirt above...  Sunday, late afternoon, and his dad is away for the next three days...  and the following weekend we have a house full of guests!  So mum sends for one pattern as he's grown out of all the brat patterns, digs a few more out of the pattern stash, lets him loose on the trouser fabrics, and we get this little lot!

These are the olive drab cargo pants: simple pattern, but no longer available.  I love having a big pattern stash!

Butterick5559.JPG (79442 bytes)

stonefront.JPG (55418 bytes)  stonebum.JPG (73500 bytes)  stonewaist.JPG (34436 bytes)

The stone coloured ones.  This fabric is a cotton & linen mix canvas: starts out stiff but goes gloriously soft in use!
The black jeans!  This pattern was first used over 25 years ago to make Alan a pair!  You can just about see the details...  Now my bonny lad wants some denim ones the same.  I said OK so long as he helps to make them!

BurdaJeans.JPG (68435 bytes)  jeansfront.JPG (61271 bytes)  jeansbum.JPG (55222 bytes)

KwiskSewConvertables.JPG (60028 bytes)  zippybum.JPG (40821 bytes)  zippyone leg.JPG (85513 bytes)  wholejames.JPG (47563 bytes) The zippy-off ones!  These came out all right in the end, though those zips are a rile old pain to get round the right way, and the zip guard/facing piece was too short!  I wasn't as happy with these, partly because I was tired and made several errors, so I dug out a red bit and have cut another pair for him...
Alan's shirts!  I made a couple of shirts for Alan many years ago, to help me learn my way round a new sewing machine I bought rather than a wedding dress!  The machine died long ago (the Frister & Rossman Cub 8 in the Sewing Machine Gallery), but one shirt is still going!  Sadly, it is finally wearing out at the cuffs and collar, so Alan wanted a replacement.  As I'm on a fabric diet, he too had to make do with stuff from the stash...  I dug out three bits to give him a choice, but he couldn't make up his mind, so got all three!

Alanshirt.JPG (52693 bytes)  collar.JPG (62955 bytes)  cuff.JPG (66985 bytes)  Alanfront.JPG (70550 bytes)

bluecuff.JPG (117168 bytes)  blueshirt.JPG (84320 bytes)

frontfitting.JPG (71365 bytes) The next bit of sewing for James was a some he did himself!  A nice pair of jeans!  Click here for the full story...

More Trouser Panic! Why is it that boys grow, and we cannot keep up with them?

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