The Costume Gallery!

Just a select few of the costumes I have made over the years...

bw-11.jpg (17808 bytes)

The cosmic fairy with the seven foot wingspan!  To make wings like this go here:

Fairy Wing Recipe

Loons.jpg (26653 bytes)  TealGown.jpg (29023 bytes)  Suit.jpg (20063 bytes)

Purple loons and tie-dye to die for!  A seventies extravaganza...  And a killer suit with shirt in genuine 1973 man-eating flower fabric!

RandJ-inside.jpg (40982 bytes)  Julietpartyfront.JPG (56006 bytes)  MrsCpartyfrockfront.JPG (89138 bytes)

Genuine 1960's patterns for the Romeo & Juliet party!


Shepherd1.jpg (47262 bytes)

A very small shepherd, complete with sheep

HarryPotter.jpg (176299 bytes)

Wizard stuff!

Matthias.jpg (92303 bytes)  MouseEars2.jpg (62190 bytes)

Mathias, with and without ears!


Elfjacket1.JPG (56174 bytes)  Elftrousers.JPG (40587 bytes)  Elrfhat1.JPG (30322 bytes)

Elf jacket and hat for Phil Blackmore, a working entertainer.  There will soon be an alternative elf hat that's easier to juggle in!

Work clothes with a difference!

Jestertop1.JPG (70965 bytes)

Jesterhat1.JPG (43572 bytes)  Jesterhat1.JPG (43572 bytes)

The Jester's Top for Phil, with the first of several hats!  This is a nice big jingly one that will be great when he's on his stilts!

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