Summer days


As well as all the posh frocks for special occasions, I make every day frocks for those that want to use different fabrics or cannot find what they want in the shops.  Here's a selection of recent adventures with cotton frocks!


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Cindy wanted some sun dresses made from cheerful patchworks prints from her stash, so I set too with a pattern and some measurements to see what would happen!  The results are quite good fun, and it makes a change not to have the difficulties of glamorous fabrics and complex styles...  It was fun working out how best to use the fabrics.


There's a blue one still to add to the collection.  I varied them a bit, adding different sleeves and pockets, and altering the waistline from high to natural.  This pattern also looks good with a dropped waistline.

The blue fabrics were not 100% cotton, and not as sturdy as the pure cottons.  I did something silly with the pockets, but you'll have to wait and see...

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batik.JPG (136817 bytes)  blues.JPG (142893 bytes) These were all the fabrics we had to mix and match.  The only one that didn't get into the mix in the end was the purple flowery one, as there was enough of the purple roses to make a whole frock! browns.JPG (229344 bytes)  pinks.JPG (140310 bytes)

Purples.JPG (111364 bytes)

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