Fairy Wings



These wings are designed for adults only, for stage and costume use.  They are not designed for children.  They are NOT dressing up box items.

The designer can accept no responsibility for injuries to any person caused by using the wing pattern.  The wearer must ensure that he/she does not endanger any other people with their wings.


2 large sheets of paper
wire cutters
2m of 60" crystal organza
2 x 8' stainless steel rod (wire coat hanger diameter is perfect!)
light weight plastic coated wire
some elastic

You will need to cut two wing shapes out of paper, an upper wing, and a lower wing, like diagram 1 and 1a below

You then use these as a pattern to cut wings out of something thin but stiff: I used a black crystal organza with silver stars printed all over it. I used pinking shears to stop the edges fraying too much while keeping them light.

Turn over the top edge of each pair of wings and sew down, forming a channel which will have the wire threaded through it. 

Pre-form the wing wires into the shapes needed to support the wings. 


Thread the steel rod through the hem at the top of each wing, bending it into a U shape, as shown above.

Place the wings together so that the wires touch without the fabric being in the way! Flip the fabric out of the way and bind the wires together using the plastic coated wire as in 2b.

Bend the wires along the tops of the wings to the final shape, snip the ends off, and bend the tips into a small loop. Stitch the wing ends to the loops!

Turn the wings over and stitch the elastic to the U shape of the wires as shown below. Tie the elastic into loops to fit the person to wear the wings.

I have also included a picture of the finished costume to give you something to work towards! This was much easier to do than to describe! If you are using this for a costume, all I ask is an acknowledgement and a photo of the finished item to see how they went!