A Breath of Fresh Air!


A walk is good.

A walk in the right kit is better!  Here are some projects related to walking and other activities for which something other than high heeled shoes, a light mac and an umberella are suitable!


Anne Marie's Polartec Windbloc jacket

I've had the fleece for this in the loft for a few years...  Every time I wanted to make it, a paying project or something more urgent got in the way.  She didn't quite feel up to sewing it herself, so here it is!  Click here to see the whole thing from start to finish.


Kate's Windbloc Jacket

This is another that has been festering in the stash for a while...


Alan's Mountain Jacket

Alan's third jacket.  Let's hope that this time we get it right!  It started with discussions on the Shelby Forum, and progressed to re.uk.walking.  Lots of excellent help and advice came from all these good folk.


A Jacket for James!

Another 'self help' boy project.  He's getting way too good at this sewing lark...

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