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This is a page of stuff I have made for me!  I'm turning into a real skirt person!

Sari-jacket and dress.jpg (47821 bytes) My Very Posh silk dress and the jacket made from a sari.  I've lost a lot of weight since then...
Xmas2004-jacketon.jpg (55877 bytes)  Xmas2004-posing.jpg (40530 bytes) Me in my Christmas & New Year outfit, 2003/4. Another sari I hacked to bits!  And the crushed panne velvet dress to go under it...
DSCF0052.JPG (73989 bytes)  DSCF0055.JPG (86086 bytes)

DSCF0056.JPG (54417 bytes)  DSCF0057.JPG (80735 bytes)

Here's my lovely winter coat!  The fabric has matured in the stash for 12 years, as has the pattern.  I finally got round to it during a week when I needed to make a quick project to get back into the swing of the sewing!

January 15th 2006.

kateskirt1.JPG (72010 bytes)  kateskirt2.JPG (60872 bytes) At last!  The 'mock polyester' skirt!  This one is dry-clean only 100% silk crepe de chine, bought by mistake!  (I thought it was polyester.)  But it did make a lovely skirt, and the wrap Lycra top isn't too bad either.  Now I just need a garden party to go to...

This one was made for new year 2004/5, but not worn, and then I got too small for it and had to get Mum to pin about 3" out of the waist!

IMG_0942.JPG (46740 bytes)  IMG_0944.JPG (47392 bytes) One of two skirts I made for me using my new Issey Mayaki pattern from Vogue.  This is a stretch woven polyester suede fabric.  I love this one, and almost live in it!  The best thing is it needs no ironing when I wash it.

doesmy.JPG (31879 bytes)  forward.JPG (26220 bytes)  hippy.JPG (25874 bytes)

A new skirt and a new pattern!  This is another Vogue one, made with lapped raw edge seams, a bit of a departure for me!  There's another version of this skirt here. Just scroll down to see it.

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