The Posh Frock Gallery!

Here are some of the party frocks and other 'posh' frocks Kate has made for customers and family.  Scroll down for more...


Virginia's posh Frock 2.jpg (36982 bytes) Virginia's dress and jacket.  The embroidered organza is really pretty.
Jennyback.JPG (106281 bytes)  Jennyfront.JPG (94587 bytes) Jenny's choir uniform for The Sheppey Singers.  The embroidered taffeta for the top was lovely, if a little awkward to sew!
Partyfrock-frontdone2.JPG (41417 bytes)  Partyfrock-backdone.jpg (61583 bytes) Little Sis's party frock with the beaded front.  I love this bronze crinkle satin, and the little demi-train is cute.
Dragonwc.jpg (74558 bytes)  Jameswc.jpg (43514 bytes) Dragon waistcoats, large and small...  James has grown out of the little green one, but the black one still fits Alan!
Janetsdress-finished.jpg (121634 bytes) The dress made for my very dear friend Janet, for celebrating her silver wedding.

Drewwc.JPG (57660 bytes)


Drew's Waistcoat:  English silk, woven here in Kent.  Unfortunately, the factory is now closed.  This fabric was originally woven for making ties.  This one has silver buttons and a silver buckle on the back.

Lewiswc.JPG (116577 bytes)


Lewis's waistcoat: shot silk dupion embroidered with gold.  Gold buttons and buckle.
sizifrockback.JPG (65009 bytes)  suzifrockfront.JPG (43985 bytes) Suzie's sexy slinky number!  More red satin...  This was quite a fun project.
MDBack.JPG (61038 bytes)  MDFront.JPG (54912 bytes)

MDjacketback.JPG (48979 bytes)  MDjacketfront.JPG (45609 bytes)

lacecollarfront.JPG (58441 bytes)  lacecollarback.JPG (58912 bytes)  collar.JPG (49200 bytes)

   lacebag.JPG (149490 bytes)  DSCF0212.JPG (82278 bytes)  DSCF0211.JPG (45401 bytes)


Margaret's Christmas frock.  Delicious bitter chocolate silk dupion and lace...  Yummm!  One dress, two jackets, and a small clutch bag.  A nice varied project with some challenging fabrics.  I rather like the effect of the lace buttons on the second jacket, and the chain strap on the bag.

April 2007: We added a delicious skirt to the collection!  here it's teamed with the tailored jacket with the lace collar.  This uses the same skirt pattern as the turquoise one above, but it has quite a different effect in the dupion.

B0045.JPG (69223 bytes) Sarah wanted a suit to wear at Crufts.  This is what happened...

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