The Quilt Gallery

This is the comfort zone!  Kate's completed quilts, and a few from friends and family...

FirstQuilt.jpg (143441 bytes)

My first 'proper' quilt, which now lives with my friend Janet.  It's a little decorative table topper.


SpaceQuiltComplete.JPG (122601 bytes)      SpaceQuiltcushion.jpg (64187 bytes) 

The one that started it all!  This space quilt for my son James was the whole reason I started quilting!. It's displayed on the sewing room bed here, not his bed.  I also quilted the cushion cover to go with it.


StarryStarryNight-finished.JPG (110152 bytes)

A swap quilt, hosted by Jessamy in the Netherlands in 2002.  One of my early quilts.



elfront.jpg (136219 bytes)

The Electric Leftovers quilt: so named because it was one I made from bits left over from a charm square swap!  These charm squares wanted to stay at home and be a quilt, so they did!

Kate's_Lap_Quilt.JPG (270945 bytes)

I need to take a better picture of this now that it is both complete and in use!  It was made to complement some lovely Cracked Ice I was sent as a present.

Accidental quilt finished.jpg (110671 bytes)  Accidental quilt corner.jpg (129674 bytes)

The quilt I made by accident!  also a detail of the metallic embroidery thread I used to quilt the border...  This quilt now lives with Martha in the USA.


QUILTFORLEWIS.JPG (237886 bytes)

James's Quilt for Lewis, his friend who went to choir school.  This is the first quilt James has completed.

Crackedicecomplete.JPG (280322 bytes)  piecedback.JPG (373639 bytes)

Finally - the completed back and front of my Cracked Ice Blue quilt


Mum'sbluequilt.JPG (161022 bytes)  demandingquilt.JPG (136397 bytes)

Here are two quilts still in the making!  The blue one is one I'm making for my mum, who loves blue.  The other is the quilt that demanded to be made!  These are both based on the Houndstooth pattern in Fat Quarter Quilts by M'Lliss Rae Hawley.

Nel.JPG (228740 bytes)  inspecting.JPG (144183 bytes)

Nel with The Mighty Whirlitzer and Kate and Nel inspecting the quilt on the frame.  This is an EARLY example in Nel's quilting career!

zigzaggery1.JPG (304738 bytes)  zigzaggery2.JPG (235629 bytes)

Nel's tiny stitches whiz off in any direction NOT easy to stitch!

Katefingers.JPG (284608 bytes)

My fingers and Nel's stitches!  This will give you an idea of just how tiny these stitches are!  Yikes!  Now you know why I machine quilt!




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