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Sandra and James

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This was a fun wedding to do, and the start of a great swathe of red wedding stuff!  The crystal motifs on the skirt were lovely...

Dream confections in sugar-almond pink!

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The button loops were all hand worked, the zips decorated with seed beads!

Visions in burgundy and cream.

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  There were two little bridesmaids, on adult, and a young man with the waistcoat and bow tie, which was done up with Velcro for ease.

Chocolate Box Soldiers and Princesses

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This was a fun one in blue...  There were two girls, each in a dress and jacket, and two boys, each in a blue suit with a silk shirt and a cummerbund and sash to match the girls.  They were like chocolate box soldiers, those lads!


Sophistication in scarlet and black!

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Tamsin wanted a dramatic outfit to go with her Jimmy Choo sandals, for her brother's wedding.  At first we didn't know what was wanted for her arms, and she isn't comfortable in jackets...  In the end the beaded shawl idea won the day!


Hyacinth days!

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Jan needed an outfit for her daughter's wedding, and chose this glorious turquoise crepe de chine, with a matching shot dupion jacket.  The other colour in the jacket is purple.  The effect is magic!


Rain and Rainbows!

A very colourful wedding...  And 16 little maids all in a row!

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A fun project, if a little like a production line to get all the stuff done!  The buttons on the back of the girls' tops were all different colours, like giant Smarties!

100buttons.JPG (116486 bytes)


Conversion Kit!

Caroline came to me with a proposition: would I turn her mother's 1960's wedding dress into a top for her?  I couldn't see why not, so we went from this:

mum1.JPG (75248 bytes)

to this:

laceholes.JPG (119346 bytes)  laced.JPG (90595 bytes)

With an lovely sweeping skirt!

frontskirt.JPG (67665 bytes)  skirtback2.JPG (75025 bytes)

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the whole gown completed.

Beautiful in Bronze

Louise had a tall order - the bridesmaid is 6'2"!  Lovely lass, lovely project to do...

backbronze.JPG (60108 bytes)  bowbronze.JPG (62649 bytes)

frontbronzeA.JPG (41487 bytes)


Blackberries and Lilac!

Sue's frock started with a basic idea from Vogue, and morphed into something amazing!


V2799.jpg (36186 bytes)  Sue Mog Dress4.jpg (25138 bytes)

Sue Mog Dress5.jpg (23973 bytes)  finalfrock1.JPG (42511 bytes)

finalfrock11.JPG (36444 bytes)  finalfrock4.JPG (34987 bytes)

finalfrock7.JPG (28495 bytes)   finalfrock14.JPG (32937 bytes)

Fabulous silk chiffon of the finest quality, bias cut, and stitched with rolled hems!  A lot of work, but a fantastic result!  The greatest difficulty lay in getting the five shades of blackberry to lilac we wanted.  There are six layers plus the bolero in silk organza.  The gown gets every whispier and more fairy like as we get to the ankles.

Floating Dreams


Sarah is a statuesque lady, and wanted a floaty wedding dress for an informal  garden wedding.  I think we manages just fine!


Sarahback.JPG (41018 bytes)  Sarahside.JPG (49863 bytes)

Sarahfront.JPG (40973 bytes)

This one is three layers: a fine ivory polyester chiffon over a polyester crepe de chine, with a light weight poly habotai lining: a wedding dress you can fling in the wash, tumble dry, and won't need ironing!  What could be more useful?

And here are a couple with the proper flower!  That's one fantastic flower!

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