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How To Get The Best From Your Dressmaker
	The Contract Page
On the Purchase, Care, and Feeding of Sewing Machines, Old and New
Keeping The Thread In Order
Sewing Projects
Quilt Gallery
Posh Frock Gallery
	Sara's Crufts Suit
Costume Gallery
Wedding Gallery
Dressing Janneane - a beaded dress
Another wedding project in progress...
The Bag Lady!
Chocolate velour
Cotton Frockery
Boy's Stuff
	Jeans for James
Hot Air Balloon!
The Great Outdoors!
	Anne Marie's Jacket
Personal Projects
Town Crier
Mistress Kate's Folly
Corset Works
The Redcoats Are Coming
Creating a Court Gown
Making a French Hood
What The Dickens
The Black Bodice
Katherine of Aragon
Alex's LARP coat
Three Dancing Princes...
Kate's Book List
Kate's Expanded Fabric List
	Fabrics & Kit
	Bridal Stuff
	The Great Outdoors
	Sewing Machine stuff
	Re-enactment Stuff
Sewing Machine Gallery
	Frister & Rossman Cub 8
	Adria Restoration
	367 restoration
Assault on Dragon Castle
Bread Recipies
Kate's Christmas Specials
Mediaeval and Renaissance Recipies
Scottish Recipies
Pumpkin Soup
James Making His Birthday Cake
Crab Apple Jelly
Troll Recipies
Getting Started
Taking Measurements
Body Measurements and Ease Allowances
Pattern Symbols
Sewing Terms
Sewing Equipment List
Sewing Techniques
Seam Finishes
Hemming at the End
Blind Hemming on the Machine Explained
Putting a lining in a child's dress
Sheer Seams
Special Features
How To Rescue A Bias Cut Disaster
Cleaning The Serger
Teaching James To Sew



Hillwalking Pictures

Cader Idris 2003

Stour Valley 2003

Blackhope Burn 2004

East Hill, Northumberland 2004

Pembrokeshire, October 2004

Helvellyn 2005

Howgills, March 2006

Walking Pole stowage on the move

Advanced Civilisation (Board Game) Extended Map

Hex Paper JPG and Visio