1. Approaching Cader Idris in the car.  1 Approaching Cader.jpg (372417 bytes)
2. Climbing up to Llyn Cau, already out of the woods.  Penygadair, our target for today, is ahead. 2 The staircase to Cwm Cau.jpg (367844 bytes)
3. Is the lake just over this ridge? What do you think . . . 3 Craig Cwm Amarch, over Llyn Cau.JPG (375614 bytes)
4 . . . of course not! 4 Still going up.JPG (372735 bytes)
5. Finally we can see Llyn Cau.  This is a panorama generated from two less-than-suitable images, not taken from the same place or at the same time.  But it does give an idea of the place. Craig Cwm Amarch on the left, Penygadair on the right. 5 Cwm Cau.jpg (578588 bytes)
6, 7. The Troll, a rock formation seen looking back from the lake. 6 The Troll.jpg (50505 bytes) 7 The Troll (exposed for foreground).jpg (97968 bytes)
8. Looking North to Penygadair from the top of the climb up Craig Llwyd 8 Penygadair from Craig Llwyd.jpg (338613 bytes)
9. The last pull up to the top of Craig Cwm Amarch. 9 Final ascent of Craig Cwm Amarch.JPG (380260 bytes)
10. The top of Penygadair from Craig Cwm Amarch 10 Penygadair from Craig Cwm Amarch .JPG (367566 bytes)
11. Looking down on Llyn Cau from Craig Cwm Amarch 11 Llyn Cau from Craig Cwm Amarch.jpg (320428 bytes)
12. Idris' Chair.  Another panoramic stitch-up of two not-together images. 12 Idris' chair.jpg (504433 bytes)
13. The Old Man of the Mountain reaches the summit  :) 13 The Old Man of the Mountain.JPG (383453 bytes)
14. Looking East to Mynydd Moel from the summit cairn 14 Mynydd Moel from the summit.JPG (373535 bytes)
15. Looking North from the summit.  It is difficult to supress the smug feeling that the rest of Snowdonia seems to be covered in cloud, with only Snowdon and Lliwedd occasionally poking their heads out. 15 Looking North from the summit.JPG (366279 bytes)
16. Looking back Westward as we make our way to Mynydd Moel 16 Looking back from Mynydd Moel.JPG (371397 bytes)
17. Looking East again, from the slope below Mynydd Moel towards Gau Craig.  Its all downhill from here. 17 Gau Craig - its downhill from here.JPG (376096 bytes)
18. The Northern ridge of Mynydd Moel.  Some other day, perhaps . . . 18 Northern Exposure.JPG (371035 bytes)
19, 20. Sunset on the North-West facing slopes of Graig Goch above the Afon Dysynni, after leaving The Railway in Abergynolwyn.  And a good time was had by all! 19 Red scree at night - .JPG (385610 bytes) 20 - shepherds in the pub .JPG (389793 bytes)
A guide to the locations of the photographs above Cader photoguide.jpg (246957 bytes)

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