East Hill Panorama

Taken from the top of East Hill near Branton in Northumberland on Saturday 13th March, around 6p.m.

Eight out of the fourteen shots I took have been combined below.  A little brightness adjustment was all that was needed to complete the merge, PanoTools did a good job, after I had fiddled a bit with FoV settings and a perspective change.  The lefthand edge is aligned roughly due North and the righthand edge is about SouthWest, giving a field of view of 230 degrees or so.

The panorama at quarter-size: should just fit on your screen EastHill336 squared-quarter.jpg (19269 bytes)
The panorama at half-size: more detail EastHill336 squared-half.jpg (72353 bytes)
The panorama at full-size; lots of panning needed EastHill336 squared.jpg (1429710 bytes)
The map showing the location and field of view EastHillMap.jpg (473455 bytes)

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