Not Striding Edge

14th May 2005

Helvellyn from Glenridding via The Tongue and Dollywagon Pike.  Inspiration from Wainwright!

Where two versions of the same scene are shown (panoramas) the top one is a smaller file and will load faster but has less resolution.

Glenridding car park  -  08:30.

No traffic problems on the way over, and the weather looks promising.  Cold winds predicted for higher up, but I can live with that.

DSCF1001.JPG (362437 bytes)1
Setting off  -  08:45



DSCF1002.JPG (474608 bytes)2
Above Glenridding  -  08:55 

Cor, this is steep.  What, we aren't out of the woods yet?

DSCF1006.JPG (390325 bytes)3
Lanty's Tarn  -  09:10

First sight of our objective, Dollywagon Pike.

DSCF1010.JPG (375049 bytes)4
Grisedale  -  09:30

A gentle stroll up Grisedale - a contrast to the climb ahead.  The nearest ridge is Eagle Crag, with Nethermost Cove behind; we are headed for the farther outcrop, the Tongue. At the bottom of the Tongue is the lump of  Spout Crag.  A shadowed gully, about 1/3 of the way up the Tongue, is the route we planned to take. 

DSCF1018.JPG (376405 bytes)5
Below Eagle Crag, Grisedale  -  10:10

We're going up there.  Ruthwaite Lodge can be seen at the bottom of the slope. From this close, the gully is less obvious, and we ended up going left immediately behind Spout Crag. This section was very steep and broken, and quite loose - not recommended. 

DSCF1025.JPG (365977 bytes)6
Ruthwaite Lodge  -  10:20 - 10:50


Second Breakfast outside Ruthwaite Lodge.  After the walk in we needed a rest and sustenance before we could deal with the serious height gain that comes next (see the map!)

DSCF1033.JPG (402068 bytes)7
By Spout Crag  -  11:05

It is very steep, and I am an unfit old codger.  Many photostops were necessary, for cooling off and regaining composure (and sometimes the ability to speak)

DSCF1034.JPG (116512 bytes)8
The Tongue  -  11:34

Photostops like this one, which shows how much further we have to climb

DSCF1042.JPG (380143 bytes)9
FoV 120.   The Tongue  -  11:49

On the other hand, the views of  St. Sunday Crag and Fairfield were good

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St Sunday Crag and Fairfield.jpg (744294 bytes)

St Sunday Crag and Fairfield-half.jpg (231336 bytes)10

FoV 90.    The Tongue  -  11:49

Well, most of the time, but some fool always gets in the way.  St. Sunday Crag is a jinxed hill for our group - individually we've all climbed it, but whenever two or three are gathered together we get rain, hail, cloud, plagues of frogs or whatever and have to abort! 

On The Way Up.jpg (1014962 bytes)

On The Way Up-half.jpg (255115 bytes)11

Grisedale from The Tongue  -  12:12

Nearly at the top.  The cold wind is now evident, strong enough to cause camera-shake but not to affect balance.  It's blowing up the valley, which should help....

Dollwagon Pike 079.jpg (780511 bytes)12
FoV 160.    Dollywagon Pike  -  12:20

Panorama, looking North.  High Crags, Nethermost Pike and the ridge above Eagle Crag are in front of Helvellyn and Striding Edge.  The pyramidal peak of Catstycam is peeking over the Edge. On the horizon we can see the Skiddaw and Grasmoor ranges.

deadnorth.jpg (382797 bytes)

deadnorth-half.jpg (91192 bytes)13

FoV 130.    Dollywagon Pike  -  12:20

Panorama, looking South.  St. Sunday Crag and Fairfield dominate the view.

south-eighth.jpg (23428 bytes)

south-quarter.jpg (79831 bytes)14

FoV 200.    Dollywagon Pike  -  12:20

Panorama, looking West.  The haze seemed to be worse looking towards the sun, but there is still a good view of Lakeland from the Coniston fells to Skiddaw. We had met nobody since leaving Glenridding, but on such a day the Helvellyn ridge was a popular outing for many, including some mountain bikers.  This could be seen as a downside of path improvement.

westmulticrop-eighth.jpg (31024 bytes)

westmulticrop-quarter.jpg (110621 bytes)15

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FoV 95.    By High Crag  -  12:40

I originally misidentified this as Nethermost Cove, but now realise it is Ruthwaite Cove from near High Crag, since we can see Hard Tarn on the left. The lefthand ridge leads from Eagle Crag to Nethermost Pike and the righthand ridge is the Tongue.

Nethermost Cove quarter.JPG (55699 bytes)

Nethermost Cove half.JPG (225936 bytes)16

FoV 110.    Nethermost Pike  -  13:20

The Tongue from the lunch point on Nethermost Pike. Relatively secluded, and it was possible to sit out of the wind yet still have a good view. Ruthwaite Lodge can just be seen at the bottom, on the path to Grisedale Tarn.

The Tounge-quarter.JPG (58642 bytes)

The Tounge-half.JPG (258322 bytes)17

FoV 95.    Above Nethermost Cove  -  13:30

Striding Edge from the col above Nethermost Cove.  In the originals, the queues of ants on the rocky sections of the Edge can be seen. It was horribly busy, and ten or so people were waiting at each scrambling bottleneck for the less confident folk to get through. 

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Striding Edge-quarter.jpg (45874 bytes)

Striding Edge-half.jpg (196645 bytes)18

FoV 140.    Helvellyn summit  -  13:48

Swirral Edge from the trig point on Helvellyn.  We didn't stop - it was very crowded.

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Swirral Edge-quarter.jpg (80831 bytes)

Swirral Edge-half.jpg (318134 bytes)19

FoV 115.    Helvellyn summit  -  13:53

Swirral Edge, Red Tarn and Striding Edge

Swirral Edge and Red Tarn-quarter.jpg (46283 bytes)

Swirral Edge and Red Tarn-half.jpg (259778 bytes)20

Helvellyn summit  -  13:55

Catsycam with Place Fell and High Street behind.  The weather was doing its best for us.

DSCF2033.JPG (104187 bytes)21
Swirral Edge  -  14:10


DSCF2035.JPG (130082 bytes)22
FoV 140.    Catstycam  -  14:25 - 14:35

Red Tarn and Helvellyn from Catstycam. Red Tarn was sparkling in the sun.

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Catstycam summit-quarter.jpg (50220 bytes)

Catstycam summit-half.jpg (210800 bytes)23

Descending Red Tarn Beck  -  15:15

Glenridding Beck and the old mine workings, where the Youth Hostel is now.

DSCF2055.JPG (133134 bytes)24
FoV 90.    Glenridding Youth Hostel  -  15:30

- and landscaped mine spoil heaps

Youth Hostel-quarter.JPG (64647 bytes)

Youth Hostel-half.JPG (259092 bytes)25

Above Mires Beck, Glenridding  - 16:00

Place Fell in the background

DSCF2063.JPG (138690 bytes)26
Glenridding Campsite  -  16:10

Kates Gourmet Kitchen!

DSCF2064.JPG (118830 bytes)27
Map, showing where the photographs were taken.

Reproduced from Ordnance Survey map data by permission of Ordnance Survey, Crown copyright.

route map.jpg (230240 bytes)


  Distance Height gain Naismith Actual
Ruthwaite Lodge 3.4 mi 1100 ft 1h40 1h50
Nethermost Pike 1.6 mi 2100 ft 1h30 2h10
Catstycam 1.3 mi 600 ft 0h45 0h55
Glenridding 4.0 mi 50 ft 1h20 1h40

Cameras  -  Fuji Finepix 2800

All single frame shots reduced to half size for bandwidth and server space conservation

Panoramas presented in two resolutions, half size for those with broadband and a need for detail, quarter size for those who want to see it all on the screen at once.  The long panoramas West and South from Dollywagon Pike are reduced one step further to quarter and eighth original size.

Panoramas constructed using autopano, Hugin, PanoTools and enblend

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Photographs copyright Alan Dicey and Dave Bennett

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