Dave Bennett's Pole Position

How to hang a pole on your rucksack while on the move.

This method was invented by my good friend Dave Bennett, who described it as "pintware".  So if  you use it, buy him a pint.  If you like, you can send the pint to me and I'll drink it for him :-)

Karabiners.JPG (140692 bytes) The quick-release part is played by a snaplink - in this case a "key-ring" sized karabiner.  It is attached to the rucksack strap so that it can slide over the shoulder.
Pole.JPG (192182 bytes) You need something on the pole to clip onto the snaplink: I use a D-ring attached with wiring cable-ties.  Others have suggested rubber 'tent peg' loops.
Shockcord.JPG (78021 bytes) Finally a loop of shock-cord is used to keep the bottom of the pole under control.  Mine is attached to the waist-belt-to-sack webbing.
Step1.JPG (54319 bytes) Step 1:  With the krab as far forward as you can get it on the strap, attach the pole by the D-ring or whatever.  It will hang down parallel to the strap.
Step2.JPG (54508 bytes) Step 2: Duck your shoulder and swing the pole around onto your back, sliding the D-ring and krab up and back on the shoulder strap
Step3.JPG (60003 bytes) Step 3: pull the elastic shock cord loop over the pole basket to keep it from swinging forward again.

To remove, just reverse the steps: remove the elastic loop from the pole basket, swing the pole forward around your shoulder, slide the krab down and unhook the pole.  The advantage this method has over any use of the ice-axe loops is that it can be performed (and indeed is easiest to do) without removing the sack; you don't even have to stop moving.

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