Pembrokeshire 2004

Preseli Ridge

26th October 2004

From the car park on the B-road that crosses the western end of the ridge.

Where two versions of the same scene are shown (panoramas) the top one is a smaller file and will load faster but has less resolution.

Just off the road  -  11:00.

Looking up to the summit of Foel Eryr, where a good view is promised.  Hope the cloud stays away.

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Foel Eryr  - 11:10

I don't know if these horses are wild, but I'd be pretty cross if I had to live on a Welsh hillside


Wild_horses.jpg (155887 bytes)2
Foel Eryr summit  -  11:15 

A summit panorama. This is not quite 360 degrees because if I try to link the two ends the exposure balancing goes to pot. Also available with PTViewer pan-and-zoom (1.5MB) Notice the dour guy in the red jumper and wooly hat who appears twice...

A full 360 is available here (620KB) using PTViewer.  Its the best I could do  


Pano350-lores.jpg (208908 bytes)


Pano350-hires.jpg (764126 bytes) 3

Foel Feddau  -  12:15

150 degree pano looking south from the summit of Foel Feddau.  PTviewer option

South from Foel Feddau.JPG (191885 bytes)4
Mynydd-bach - 12:45

 Lunch break 

Lunchc50.JPG (160902 bytes)5
Carn Bica  -  13:20

End of the rainbow?  

Endoftherainbow.jpg (126123 bytes)6
Carn Bica  -  13:20


Looking back 

Looking_back.jpg (154379 bytes)7
Carn Bica  -  13:25

Next target! Carn Gyfrwy

Nexttarget.jpg (145768 bytes)8
Carn Bica  -  13:25

Stout Cortez! All right, well-padded Dave then.

Stoutcortez.jpg (106554 bytes)9
Carn Bica  -  13:45

Its Stone'enge! Where's Spinal Tap then?

Stone'enge.jpg (146842 bytes)10

Carn Gyfrwy  -  14:14

The Rocks Remain.  Stonehenge's bluestones are supposed to have come from here, and there is a stone axe factory. 


Therocksremain.jpg (162539 bytes)11

Mynydd-bach  -  14:45

I think this is a Fox Moth caterpiller (another reference).  We saw several of these in the grass by the track.

Caterpiller.jpg (330113 bytes)12
Tafarn Sinc - Rosebush  -  16:45

Replenishing salt and fluids..

Tafarnsinc.jpg (148140 bytes)13

Map, showing where the photographs were taken.

Reproduced from Ordnance Survey map data by permission of Ordnance Survey, Crown copyright.

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  Distance Height gain Naismith Actual
Car Park        
Foel Eryr 0.6 mi 230 ft 0h18 0h20
Foel Feddau 2.5 mi 320 ft 1h00 1h00
Carn Gyfrwy 2.9 mi 320 ft 1h05 1h30
Car Park 4.6 mi 800 ft 1h50 2h00
  10.5 mi 1650ft 4h15 5h30 (with stops)

Cilgerran Castle 27 October

More use of the panorama tools 

From the entrance


Cilgerran-entrance.jpg (173839 bytes)

FoV 100.   

Cilgerran interior

Cilgerran-inside-50.jpg (337591 bytes)
FoV 90.  

Cilgerran exterior 

Cilgerran-outside-60.jpg (387243 bytes)

FoV 100.   

Cilgerran exterior - wide view

Cilgerran-outside2-50.jpg (171613 bytes)

FoV 105.    Tower and wallwalk masonry

Cilgerran-arches.jpg (138060 bytes)

Camera  -  Fuji Finepix 2800

All single frame shots reduced to half size for bandwidth and server space conservation

Large panoramas presented in two resolutions, half size for those with broadband and a need for detail, quarter size for those who want to see it all on the screen at once.

Panoramas constructed using autopano, Hugin, PanoTools and enblend

Panorama viewing by PTViewer Java applet

Photographs copyright Alan Dicey

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