James and Alan take a walk in the Stour Valley

Easter 2003

Good Friday was such a nice day, that I encouraged them to go out for a few hours...


dscf0001.jpg (372200 bytes) Chilham Mill, on the Great Stour river
Rivers are scarce in chalk country; most of the water sinks into the ground.  The Great Stour is the river that flows through Canterbury. dscf0002.jpg (206525 bytes)
dscf0003.jpg (78617 bytes) James looks down the Stour Valley towards Canterbury.
James takes a picture of Daddy looking down the Stour Valley dscf0004.jpg (80721 bytes)
dscf0005.jpg (111488 bytes) James climbing towards Denge Wood, which hides an Iron-age earthwork
Heading back down into the Stour Valley from our high point.  Pity about the electricity cables. dscf0011.jpg (135366 bytes)
dscf0013.jpg (147209 bytes) Looking back up the valley.  The ground really is that white - modern ploughing digs into the chalk that is just below the surface and mixes lumps in with the thin topsoil
James is a bit fed up - tired, he's dragged a bramble over his calf and cut himself, and his new boots (Mummy's old boots) have started to slip a bit and he has a blister.  dscf0015.jpg (35110 bytes)
dscf0017.jpg (127784 bytes) Nearly done.  Descending the river bank back towards Chilham Mill.

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