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Here you will find links to articles and projects that I have worked on.  Click on the links in the menus to find more to explore!  A lot goes on here, so the projects will change from time to time.  Keep popping back for another look!

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Special Articles:

How to get the best from your dressmaker!

On the Purchase, Care, and Feeding of Sewing Machines, Old and New

On Keeping the thread in order...


What you need and where to find it!  And some of my favourite links...  The cats, the sewing machines, and all the recipes are here too.

The Learning Zone!

Back to school to learn some new techniques!  There are tutorials on basic seams and finishes, hems, and some special treatments here

Sewing projects

Here you will find all sorts things I have worked on, from costumes to quilts! 


Hysterical costuming!

This is what happens when I start on the re-enactment and historical stuff...

Some of these projects are really big, with several pages and LOTS of pictures!

The Quilt Gallery!

The comfort zone...  Snuggle up and enjoy!

The Wedding Gallery!

Confetti all the way!

Town Crier

Gez's frock coat and things...

Creating a court gown
A Saga in several fits and starts!  

The Posh Frock gallery!

The red carpet rolls out...

Dressing Janneane
Burgundy chiffon with beads and crystals: an in-depth look at creating a beaded dress.

Mistress Kate's Folly

Or, my adventure with a renaissance fair 'wench kit'.

Making a French Hood
Timtex Rules!

The Costume Gallery!

Some of the fun things that happen when you sew costumes!

  Cotton Frockery!

A selection of cotton frocks and other projects

Corset Works!
Or how I made the Elizabethan Corset
What the Dickens...
A ball gown for the Dickens Festival
The Bag Lady!

Some of my bag projects

Boy's Stuff!

Things I make for my bonny lads!


The Redcoats are coming!
Jackets for 71st Glasgow Highland Light Infantrymen
Three Dancing Princes

Another FTL costume project... 

Chocolate velour

A diet of high fibre, low calorie chocolate projects!

A Lot Of Hot Air!

The hot air balloon project!

The Black Velvet Bodice

A little fun project!

Alex's LARP coat

This took way too long...

The Great Outdoors!

Some projects related to walking and other outdoor activities


Suits You, Sir

The on-going suit project!

Katherine of Aragon

Making a gable hood and a frock.  

Personal Projects

Finally, some sewing for ME!

Contact Kate with any comments or queries.

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